Diploma recognition

Have you obtained a diploma abroad, but hasn't it been recognized yet in Belgium? Do you want to be self-employed or do you want to start your own business, but your diploma doesn't allow to do so?

Actiris partnered up with Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering Brussel (bon) and le Ciré. They offer assistance in the preparation of your file and will help you with administrative procedures for getting an equivalency at the Flemish and French communities. 

Actiris organizes information sessions about the different procedures on diploma recognition. Everyone can attend these sessions. Afterwards you can make an appointment with an expert to analyze your file and to arrange support.

For whom?
Job seekers registered with Actiris.

For more information, you can:

  • attend an information session,
  • make an appointment for individual guidance.

All information on www.mydiploma.be.

More information
Mail to bon_diplomagelijkschakeling@integratie-inburgering.be or call Joris (0486 651 391) or Elke (0483 723 656).