Volunteers: Khin May Aung

Published on
Wed, 16/10/2013 - 15:04

A lot of integrators do volunteering work. Khin May Aung, the cook of the latest edition of Restobon, is one of them. Through volunteering, she wants to share her knowledge on healthy food.

Khin May Aung (35) comes from Myanmar and has lived in Belgium since September 2011. In December 2012, she followed a social orientation course at bon. In her home country, she had been the chef of her own restaurant for 10 years.

Khin May Aung is very busy. She works as a volunteering cook at Forum and the Kurdish Institute and will soon start to cook for the musicians of Youth and Music. For Forum and the Kurdish Institute, she mainly cooks Belgian dishes. On October 4, she made a typical dish from her home country at Restobon.

“My grandfather lived to be 115, by eating healthy among other things. Through volunteering, I try to share his knowledge on healthy food.”

Her talent for cooking runs in the family. Her grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor with a special interest in herbs, products and cooking techniques. As a little girl of only 5 years old, she playfully started to learn that certain herbs or foods could be beneficial for specific ailments. Khins father worked as a cook in the Oregon Health and Science University and also attached great importance to healthy food for everyone.

Khin sees it as her responsibility to provide healthy food for all people, even on a strict budget. Volunteering is a way to take this responsibility. Khin also says it is an excellent way to have fun, meet people and learn the language.