Rafa starts to run

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Wed, 16/10/2013 - 15:51

Get inspired by Rafa, one of the participants of the running club Les Gazelles De Bruxelles! On the 6th of October, she ran the Ladies Run on the Brussels Marathon. “Try and see. If you enjoy it, you won’t stop: you’ll like it forever!”

Rafa is not a stranger to the bon running group. Four years ago, at the start of bontorun, Rafa was the first volunteer to guard the backpacks of the runners at the Simonis Park. The year after, Rafa cooked couscous for the charity of the Life Run Against Cancer. Later, she visited the training to give support and enjoy the sporty ambiance.

At last, on a wonderful Friday at the end of last summer, after endless encouragement, Rafa started to run as well. At her own pace, quietly but in constant movement, and frightened a first, because the slightest physical movement caused her to be out of breath.

Gradually, she started to run more often, not just at the weekly group training. She went to the park by herself and met other runners. Rafa started to lose weight and her skin started to glow. She quickly became the example and encouragement for other women who joined start to run. “Running makes me feel better, both in my body and in my heart”, Rafa says cheerfully.

After nearly three months of training, Rafa took part in the Ladies Run at the Brussels Marathon on the 6th of October. Bravely and full of confidence, Rafa started the 4 kilometres at the Jubelpark.  Following the mile-long Wetstraat and then along Central Station, she ran all the way down to the Grote Markt to be received with applause.

“When I see myself in this picture, I mainly feel proud. To everyone who can’t get moving: don’t see running as something hard. Try and see. If you enjoy it, you won’t ever want to quit: you’ll like it forever!”

Congratulations to all Brussels Gazelles!


With special thanks to Klaartje Ory