Looking back at Masir Avenir 2013

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Tue, 03/09/2013 - 16:17

The fourth edition of Masir Avenir, the summer integration program for minors, has come to a close once again. On August 30, we concluded with a smashing party and a première: two groups performed a self made play. Looking back at two months full of youthful enthusiasm.

Four groups

Who are our participants? The youngsters have at least one thing in common: they are newcomers to Belgium and want to get to know their new environment. They come from Afghanistan, Ghana, Guinea, but also from San Salvador, Ivory Coast and Cameroon. This year, they were split into four language groups: Pashtu, English, French and a combination group Poular/French.

A program focussed on skills

During the integration program, the youngsters had the opportunity to get to know Belgian society and learn Dutch through a language course. The focus however was on their competences. Over the course of the activities, they found out which types of competences they had: taking initiative, solving problems, taking risks, perseverance… A class then later worked further on these discoveries.

In late July, we planned a couple of bike rides. A few youngsters learned how to ride a bike in a very short time, so they could join the rest of the group on the tour. In August, the groups were further split according to their interest in cooking or multimedia. During the cooking workshop, they learned how to cook responsibly, ecologically and healthy. The members of the multimedia group made digital stories about themselves. 

Premiere: theatre in Dutch course

This year, for the first time, a Dutch theatre workshop was added to the basic Dutch course.

Two groups followed the Dutch course while the Pashtu group and the English group made a play with the help of the teachers and director Thijs Van De Loo. Most of the ideas came from the students. Both theatre plays were presented at the closing party on 30 August.

House of Professions and the future of our youngsters

We made several trips this summer: to the Federal Parliament, the Brussels Parliament, the BELvue museum and to the House of Professions in Ghent.
After all, Masir Avenir does mean "the way to the future". At the House of Professions, the youngsters got to know 50 professions: a great way to think about their interests, skills and future. Through exercises, they discovered who wanted to become what. We found future doctors, pilots, warehouse managers, marketing managers, lawyers, mechanics, nurses, engineers, chefs, scientists, and so on. May all dreams come true!

Masir Avenir of the week

During the summer, the supervisors decided to designate a “Masir Avenir of the Week" per group. These youngsters were put in the spotlight for a week, which encouraged them to keep up the good work and inspired others to follow their lead. You can read a short interview with two Masir Avenirs of the Week on the blog: Jacques and Gertrude.

More on the blog of Masir Avenir

During the summer we brought a weekly report on the blog of Masir Avenir. You will find photos, interviews and reports. Take a look at masiravenir.wordpress.com.

Special thanks to Awet Desta Aregawi