International project "Local Welcoming Policies for EU migrants"

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Fri, 20/05/2016 - 10:24

bon – the Agency of Integration and Citizenship is part of the international project “Local Welcoming Policies for EU migrants” together with 7 other European organisations/cities.

The project brings together the City of Amsterdam, bon – the Agency of Integration and Citizenship (Brussels), the Johann Daniel Lawactz-Stiftung (Hamburg), the International House Copenhagen (Copenhagen) and the cities of Dublin and Gothenburg in collaboration with University of Göteborg and Mira Media Foundation in an effort to support the fundamental right of EU citizens to freely move, work and live in any EU country.

The project partners recognize that most EU migrants integrate self-evidently in host regions, nevertheless many of them face barriers concerning practical matters like inadequate and overcrowded housing, poor language proficiencies and limited information about their legal rights or the functioning of host institutions (i.e. education or social security).

In order to create a welcoming environment in the cities and support the EU migrants in the integration process the participating cities decided to join forces as to adapt and improve their present Welcome policies with the aim to:

  • Remove barriers to mobility and to full inclusion of EU mobile citizens in the host communities by tackling practical issues such as difficulties in accessing relevant information or language barriers.

  • Enhance the full participation of EU mobile citizens in the political and civil life of the host communities, as well as their full exercise of the rights attached to EU citizenship, starting from the voting rights.

  • Promote intercultural dialogue among people with different national backgrounds and to develop a welcoming attitude towards newcomers.

  • Implement monitoring and evaluation policies

The project started in January 2015 and will end in December 2016. The project will lead to an “ideal” Welcome policy which will be implemented in the participating cities and which will be disseminated to other European cities which aim to develop similar policy approaches.

The project consists of three parts 1. Research, 2. Development and implementation, 3. Dissemination.

The cities work in partnership, supported by the University of Goteborg, which will coordinate the local research and will develop a joint monitoring and evaluation model. Mira Media will coordinate the development and implementation part of the project. The City of Amsterdam besides being the project leader and in charge of the overall project coordination will also be responsible for the dissemination phase of the project. In the first part of the project cities will reflect on their earlier welcome and integration policies and will map their present efforts concerning welcoming the EU migrants in their cities.

The partners will develop a monitoring and evaluation tool in order to measure the impact of the policies. This will be done based on the existing tools in participating cities.

The cities will also further develop and adapt their activities and programs to encourage their citizenship and to encourage intercultural dialogue. This will be done in partnership with digital language learning and participation tools, meetings about local political participation, welcoming events, housing projects, etc.

Mira Media will support the cities based on its experience with intercultural dialogue and diversity projects. Representatives of the participating cities will take part in four working conferences concerning different aspects of EU migration and related local policies. The results of all activities will be compiled in an “ideal” Welcome toolkit, which will be presented and discussed in the international conference in Amsterdam in June 2016.

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