Diploma recognition

Do you have a foreign diploma and do you want to get it recognized in Belgium?

We can help you with the equivalence of your diploma’s and certificates.

You’re following our integration program

Please contact your counsellor. He or she will help you.

You’re not following an integration program (yet)

No problem, we can still assist you. The only condition is that you’re registered as a jobseeker with Actiris.

How can we help you?

1. Individual assistance:

  • We prepare your application with you and help you with the administrative procedures both in the Flemish, French and Dutch community.
  • We advise you in Dutch, French, English or Spanish, and we appeal to an interpreter, if needed.

How can you make an appointment?

Send an e-mail to diploma.bon@integratie-inburgering.be or call Joris (0486 651 391) or Pascaline (0483 72 51 33) .

2. Information sessions:

You can also attend an information session at Actiris (Astro Tower, Sterrenkundelaan 14, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node).

The next session will take place (in French) on Friday 17 January (9.30 am - 12 am) in room 15.01.

 It is not necessary to subscribe in advance. More info on Mydiploma.be.