Debate "Brussels welcomes!" on 23/4

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Thu, 03/04/2014 - 10:51

bon organises an interactive debate on integration, on the 23rd of April at 20h, as our first activity in the context of 10 years bon. An excellent opportunity to see both language communities go into debate with each other on the integration of newcomers and the Brussels reception policy. What do these parties expect of newcomers and what are the policy challenges?

Everybody has his or her own opinion on integration. But who knows the real story? In Brussels, more than 100.000 of the newcomers have arrived less than 3 years ago. But there is still no trace of a joint Brussels welcome policy. Not because of lack of organisations: there are almost 90 French-speaking and 1 large Dutch-speaking organisation (bon) doing ‘something’ for newcomers.But the winds are turning. Politicians are busy redrawing the welcome policy. With the elections of 25 May ahead, this is the perfect moment to ask the politicians some pressing questions and put some thorny subjects up for discussion. The politicians who will be angling for the favour of the voters on the 25th of May will cross swords on April 23.

The debate will be moderated in both Dutch and French. The participating politicians are:

Alexia Bertrand, councillor Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (MR)
Fouad Ahidar, member of the Brussels parliament (sp.a)
Karl Vanlouwe, senator (N-VA)
Brigitte Grouwels, Brussels minister and board member of VGC, responsible for Welfare (CD&V)
Khadija Zamouri, Flemish member of parliament (Open VLD)
Bernard Clerfayt, mayor of Schaarbeek (FDF)
Elke Van den Brandt, member of the Brussels parliament (Groen)
Alain Maron, member of the Brussels parliament (Ecolo)

When? 23 April 2014, doors open at 19h30, the debate starts at 20h and ends at 22h.
Where? Beursschouwburg, Gouden zaal
Entrance? Full. Waiting list via info(at)

Bring your mobile!

Thanks to Beursschouwburg and CBAI