Brussels in Dialogue

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Tue, 01/10/2013 - 14:52

Brussels in Dialogue

Between 14 and 20 October 2013, take a seat at one of the dozens of dialogue tables in the city!

Brussels in Dialogue is the ambitious follow-up project to Dialogue Day, which has been organized by Regional Integration Centre Foyer since 2007. With Brussels in Dialogue, Foyer and its many partner organizations want to bring people from various backgrounds together around the dialogue table.

During the week of Brussels in Dialogue  you can take a seat at one of the dozens of dialogue tables that are set up all across Brussels. In a group of 6 -10 people, you can share experiences and thoughts relating to the theme “On the Way”. A trained dialogue facilitator breaks the ice and ensures that the conversation runs smoothly. Getting to know one another, exchanging experiences, sharing dreams and thinking about concrete actions are the aims of the dialogue. Thus, Brussels in Dialogue  wants to stimulate active citizenship and meetings between a wide variety of people.

Who can take part?
Brussels in Dialogue  is for everyone. Young or old, man or woman, manual labourer or executive, monolingual or polyglot, born Bruxellois, new Belgian or accidental passer-by, ... Everyone is welcome at the dialogue table. Brussels in Dialogue is all about unexpected encounters and the enriching and inspiring experiences that flow from them.

Famous faces such as Herman Van Rompuy (European president), Erhan Demirci (stand-up comedian), Daan (singer) and Pascal Duquenne (actor) support Brussels in Dialogue. You can meet our ambassadors at

Where and when?
Dialogue tables are organized between 14 and 20 October 2013, at various locations in the Brussels Capital Region. From the Royal Lodge in the Brussels Central Railway Station to the Senate’s velvet seats, from the Jewish Museum to the local Mosque, from the local cultural centre to the library,… during the week of Brussels in Dialogue, dialogue tables may pop up anywhere in the city. The complete list of dates, schedules and locations is to be found at Do not forget to register as places are limited!

How do I take part?
Taking part is simple and free of charge You can register for the dialogue table of your choice via  or by filling in the registration slip and handing it in at a participating organization or at Foyer, Werkhuizenstraat 25, 1080 Brussels.      

 More information? / / 02 609 55 73 

Brussels in Dialogue is a project of Regional Integration Centre Foyer in collaboration with the participating partners. Together they make up the Brussels in Dialogue Platform.