bon FAQ



Am I eligible to enter the integration programme?

You probably are eligible for participation in the bon integration programme if you are:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Registered in the national register in a municipality of the Brussels-Capital Region. 
    • Either as a foreign national:
    • Or as a Belgian national born abroad and having at least one parent also born abroad.



How can I register for the integration programme?

You can register for the bon integration programme by telephone on 02 701 73 80. Check out our opening hours.



In which language can I participate in the integration course?

We provide integration courses in French, Arabic, English, Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, Dari, Tamazight, Polish, Pashtu, Hindi, Tibetan, Urdu, Russian, Bulgarian and Romanian. Caution: some languages are only available a few times a year.



Can I obtain Belgian citizenship after the integration programme?

The integration certificate will certainly be of help if you want to apply for citizenship. This certificate is an official proof of integration. However, an integration certificate is not the only way to demonstrate your integration, and it is certainly not the only condition for obtaining citizenship. For example, you must also have been residing and / or working in Belgium for a given period of time



When will I receive my integration certificate?

You will receive an integration certificate from your programme counsellor after you have completed the entire programme. This implies having completed the social orientation course and having obtained level 1.2 of Dutch.



How much do I have to pay?

The bon integration programme is free of charge. You will have to pay for the course material used in the Dutch language classes, though. That will cost you maximum 45 euros per level.



When does the next series of courses start?

Bon organises eight start-up moments per year. This means that we start a new series approximately every two months. In summer, we adhere to a more intensive timetable, and we start again after a month. Check out the oncoming starting dates.



How long does the integration programme take?

The duration of the integration programme depends on several factors.

  • The social orientation course takes approximately 60 hours, spread over a period of five to seven weeks. 
  • There is also the Dutch language course. Together with you, we will look into how many lessons per week you can take. If you choose the intensive programme, you will be through in 4 months at the earliest. We adjust the frequency to your own rhythm, determining at the same time how long your programme will actually take.

Contact us for more info.



On which days are the classes?

Most classes are taught on weekdays, Monday to Friday. However, you can take lessons during the weekend (if you work or follow a training on weekdays).



Can I also take classes in the evening?

You are eligible for evening classes if you cannot take classes during the day, for example, if you are working or following a course. In that case, you will have lessons twice a week on fixed days. Bon evening classes are taught from 18:00 till 21:00. Some courses are available in the evening only, not during the day.



Do I have to study Dutch?

Studying Dutch is part of the bon integration programme. Do you already speak Dutch well? If so, you can be exempted from this part of the programme.

Knowing Dutch opens many opportunities. For example, it can help you find a job faster.



Can I choose French as second language?

French as a second language is not provided in the bon integration programme. The programme consists of a Dutch language course up to and including level 1.2 and a social orientation course in a language of your choice (including French). If you want to learn French in addition to Dutch, please ask your programme counsellor where you can.



How can I have my diploma recognised?

You can call on our services for recognition of degree if you have signed a contract with bon or registered with Actiris in the last three years. Our staff will counsel you individually regarding the recognition. They will explain the entire course of the procedure, see how they can help you best and, finally, help you compile the file for you to submit.



What should I do if I unexpectedly find a job and can no longer attend classes?

It is possible that you unexpectedly find a job and therefore can no longer attend the course. That is not a problem. You just have to notify us so that we can find a course you can combine with your job. After all, it is also possible to take lessons in the evening or during the weekend. Those classes are reserved specifically for people who have day jobs.



Can I get a document proving that I am taking a course with you?

Your counsellor can certainly help you with that once you have started the course. You will also receive a copy of your registration certificate and contract immediately after registration.



Is the integration programme compulsory?

In 2021, the integration programme is mandatory for certain people in Brussels. In Flanders, this is already the case for most newcomers originating from countries that are not European Union member states