Integration programme in view

Recruitment and intake

Participants who enrol will receive a made-to-measure integration programme. On request, bon can also take a test to see if you can be exempted from social orientation course.

Social orientation

The social orientation course is given in a contact language of the participant. In this course, you will learn about a wide set of aspects of life in Belgium: employment, housing, health, transport, education, Belgium customs, rights and obligations... Course participants also go on group outing to interact with each other and polish their skills. The course takes 60 hours.

Dutch as a Second Language

Each participant following the social orientation course is automatically offered a place in a Dutch language course afterwards. This is an intensive second language acquisition course, which takes 120h, 180h or 240h, depending of the needs of the student. bon collaborates with the Dutch Language House and other recognised providers of the course Dutch as a Second Language: CVO Brussel, CVO Lethas and CBE Brusselleer.

Life career orientation

bon organises future-oriented workshops and information sessions to learn more about work, career and leisure activities. Programme counsellors, social participation consultants and partner organisations provide guidance in all professional, educational and social aspects of integration. bon enthusiastically commits itself to help newcomers to actively participate in Belgian society, and tries to encourage them to take part in the associative club life of Brussels through volunteering, sports or cultural activities.

Individual programme

bon provides individual counselling throughout the entire integration process. The counsellor either speaks with the participant in his own language, a language he understands well, or with the help of an interpreter. This guidance includes support and coaching, building self-reliance and referring to specialized services.

Integration certificate

After going through all the steps of the programme with regular attendance and participation, the candidate will receive an integration certificate.